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Improve the composition and sharpness of your photographs by holding your subject steady with the McClamp. Four McClamps to choose from or contact us for your custom design needs.

12” Fiberglass Ground Stick can be pushed into the ground by hand. Item #3304 shown.

Mount clamp has variable tension screw to fit your grip strength. Item #3301 shown.

 McClamps appear on CSI

Applications In Forensic Photography


The Shutter Hat is a camera cover that keeps the camera dry while allowing you to access all the camera controls.
It is compact, lightweight, easy to install and stable on the camera. It’s perfect for light rain, snow and blowing debris


The Shutter Hut waterproof pop-up tent keeps your valuable camera equipment safe and dry in most shooting conditions.

Can Be Used For:
Sandy Beaches
Dew Drenched Fields
Windy Arid Locations
Wet Lowlands
Falling Snow
High Winds, Blowing Sand
Light to Moderate Rain
Added Security

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