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FM Photography is a small company that designs innovative products out of necessity. Ferrell McCollough started the company in 2005. As a professional photographer he uses real life experiences while photographing to develop new products. The ShutterHat and ShutterHut were the result of his need for better camera protection when shooting outdoors. He wanted a camera cover that protected the camera in a light rain but allowed easy access to the camera controls.
In the area of macro photography Ferrell felt there was a need for a tool to hold items and also steady flowers in a moderate breeze. He designed four different McClamps to improve his photography. The McClamps were originally used in the garden but now have made their way into the studio to help position reflectors, flags, fabric, paper and much more. McClamps are also used in the laboratory setting for holding items for many tasks.

Ferrell also wrote a book about the new and exciting techniques in HDR photography.

Learn how to get started with HDR and progress into expert status with this excellent how-to manual loaded with pictures and instructions on HDR.

Learn the latest technique in HDR that Ferrell has pioneered called “Flash Merging”.

You can order at (review is 4.5 stars).

Learn more on Ferrell’s Blogsite, He has added several highly detailed HDR Tutorials including pics from the book and some of his latest work.  There is also a link to several of his best pics on Flickr.

Ferrell said in an interview with ShutterBug Magazine about his HDR book, “It’s an exciting time for me as the culmination of 2 years of HDR field testing and processing is released in my book: “Complete Guide to HDR Digital Photography”. The book is written for photographers who want to learn HDR and then progress to advanced techniques in the field and computer processing.”

Many HDR topics are explained in detail including   ****Camera Setup**** HDR software comparison**** Advanced Image Analysis**** Post-Processing HDR**** Single-Image Tone Mapping.**** HDR for Architecture**** Panorama’s**** Flash Merging and More.

“Complete Guide to HDR Digital Photography” also includes 5 contributing HDR artists, Trey Ratcliff, Asmundur Thorkelsson from Iceland, Valerio Pandolfi from Italy, John Adams from Florida, and Domingo Leiva from Spain.

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