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The ShutterHut

Remove your ShutterHut from the bag and pull elastic strap off.
Hold "disc" away from you with both hands and gently loosen grip, allowing it to self-erect.
Pull out "kneeling flap" and place your camera bag inside. The stakes are optional.
The doorway can be rolled up and tied into position.

Folding the ShutterHut is a fairly simple process that involves the “Right Hand Winding Technique”
Place right thumb toward you and left thumb away from you. Hold left arm steady and begin rotating your  right hand until your thumb points away from you. Continue rotating your right hand in a continuous motion with your thumb pointing downward and then left. During this continuous motion move your right hand toward your waist.

Flatten vertically into a triangle.

Continue turning right hand until thumb points downward.

Position hands as shown with right thumb towards you and left thumb away from you.

Twist right hand until your thumb points toward you.

Keeping left arm stationary, twist top clockwise forming a figure eight.

Gently guide the rings together to form a disc. Right thumb now points toward your left.

We recommend practicing the folding process a few times before actual use of the ShutterHut.

In light rain, roll lower corner of flap up to opposite corner and tie in place.  Be sure to zipper one side down all the way for water run-off. This will allow water to drain down the side.

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