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The McClamp is capable of holding items for photography in the laboratory or in the field. Table top photography is made easy with the flexible arm and firm jaws. Two McClamps can be used for holding two related objects at the correct distance and angle for the optimum lighting.

The weight that the McClamp is able to support is dependent on the length and position of the flexible arm. As a matter of physics, the McClamp will want to flex mostly within the first few segments of the mount clamp. To achieve optimal performance use gradual bends with distribution of weight along many joints. Orienting the weight over the mount clamp, spiraling the flexible arm and “touching” the table is also helpful.

Scissors weighing 13oz are held behind a magnifying glass for photographing the fingerprint.

McClamps holding ALS (alternative light source) and card with fingerprint.

When photographing fingerprints, position of item and lighting is critical. Second clamp can be used to hold a reflector or mirror.

Photos by Alex Jason, SCSA, CFPH, demonstrating the use of the McClamp. His website is

Todd Thorne, Criminalist, City Of Kenosha Police Dept. sent us this image. It shows a bloody fingerprint on the spray can. The spray can is balanced on the handles of the micro clamp.

Image courtesy of FujiFilm, copyright, 2006.

FujiFilm helps fight crime with new Finepix S3 Pro UVIR digital SLR. New specialized camera, photographs in the Ultraviolet and Infrared light spectrums, helps forensic photographers uncover evidence. FujiFilm uses the McClamps in their advertising photo.

Lipstick on the Parliament cigarette matches lipstick from the dispenser labeled: 843 Toasted Almond.

Hard plastic outside jaws for holding firm subjects.

Soft neoprene interior jaws hold delicate subjects and provide a non-slip surface.

A clamp can be used to prop up and position larger, heavier objects for the best photographic angle.

Broken bottle shows fragment matching bottle.

Coaxial Lighting Setup

Used for photographing into cylinders. Two clamps, one to hold glass and other to hold subject, caulk tube.

View into bottom of illuminated caulk tube. Depth into tube 7”, Shooting data: F22, 3 seconds, focal length 180mm, +1 exposure.

Two clamps work well together holding heavier objects. This allows for greater stability and makes it easier to move the item into several positions. Item #3301 and Item #3303 shown.

Please note that the 1” holding clamp (item #3303) is gripping the stock of the gun.  Although we needed a larger clamp for this, we still used 2 clamps together to hold the heavy gun.

We recommend using item #3303 to hold Bigger, Not Heavier Objects!

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