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Shutter Hat


Landscape photographers, photojournalists, and travel photographers can now carry camera protection for inclement weather conditions. The ShutterHat slips in your pocket or clips to your belt giving you a lightweight hassle free accessory that protects your camera during critical shooting situations. Toss the ShutterHat in your camera bag, it’s ready to go.

Take advantage of dramatic color saturation when it’s wet. It’s an opportunity many professional photographers don’t miss. The ShutterHat allows hassle-free shooting while keeping your camera dry

The inside pocket is perfect for holding flash cards or batteries for quick access. It is also convenient for holding your cable release.

Window on top can be opened for flash access or for eyepiece, depending on placement of the cover.

The most stable, no fuss, lightweight, compact camera cover on the market.

Fits lenses up to 8” Long

Comes with Velcro Dots (2 sets) to adhere to your lens hood for greater stability.
Install your lens hood and attach the hook dot to the loop side of the velcro on the hat. Follow the opposite hook/loop for the other side.

If you don’t have them give us a call or you can get them at your local craft store. 1/2” adhesive velcro dots.

Be prepared during photography workshops and travel photography where the date is set but the weather is not.

The rubber flash mount allows for a small brim over the back of the camera. This stabilizing feature allows for quick point and shoot access and still moderate coverage of the camera back. A second rubber mount further in allows for more complete coverage of the camera back.

Lightweight, compacts easily to size of deck of cards. Carrying bag included.

Handheld photography is quick and easy.

Camera access and ease of use is possible with the ShutterHat attached.

The camera straps fit through the slots allowing proper camera position when carrying the camera.

The lens can be zoomed through access under the ShutterHat.

The controls and camera back are easily accessible.

Perfect for light rain protection and spontaneous shooting. Walking around town scouting photo opportunities during a drizzle is possible with the ShutterHat.

If you’re going to get wet, be prepared.

Rain in Acadia National Park. This shot was the inspiration for the ShutterHat. I discovered this scene while walking around with the umbrella. I couldn’t resist the water drops hitting the pond so I ran back to the car for my camera and tripod. I struggled to hold the umbrella and shoot. After this shot I decided I needed to find a camera cover that would fit my needs. I was unsatisfied with the products on the market so I decided to come up with a camera cover that was easy to use and compact. Thank you for visiting the site, Ferrell McCollough

    Shutter Hat includes:
    Camera Cover
    Micro Fiber Cloth
    Velcro Dots for 2 Lens Hoods
    Carrying bag with clip

           ShutterHat $39.95

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