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Shutter Hut

Whether you are photographing on a sandy beach or in a dew drenched field the ShutterHut will protect your equipment and give you a place to work.

Perfect for:

Sandy Beaches
Dew Drenched Fields
Windy Arid Locations
Wet Lowlands

Falling Snow
High Winds, Blowing Sand
Light to Moderate Rain
Added Security

ShutterHut Folding PDF
ShutterHut Folding.PDF

The ShutterHut also lays flat on the ground to protect camera gear from sand, dirt, mud and dampness. It is ideal for giving you a larger work area and quick access to those needed items. Seconds can make the difference in many shooting situations.

Outdoor Portrait work can require a variety of shooting accessories and locations. Use of the ShutterHut in public places gives you an enclosed tent for added security.

“After using the ShutterHut for a series of beach sessions, I was very impressed at how easy it was to set up and use. What a great way to protect my digital equipment from the breezy sandy environment of the Gulf Beaches!” - Kevin Newsome, Portrait Photographer,


*Durable waterproof nylon
*Removable pouch for holding small items such as batteries, flash cards or film.
*Metal stakes
*Instant set-up, 30”x30”x30”
*Folds similar to a reflector
*Wraps to 12” disc, weighs 1lb. 3oz.
*Carrying bag included with strap

ShutterHut $36.95

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