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McClamp In Use

Nancy Rotenberg was an internationally recognized macro photographer shown here shooting in South Africa. Here she uses the Stick to hold a diffuser while photographing a beautiful caterpillar.

Nancy was a photography friend and a wonderful person with amazing vision. She passed away in 2011 from cancer. To visit her site:


As you can see Nancy has her flash off-camera and cable trigger. Also, in case you were wondering, she is smiling behind her hand.


The McClamp works best if you begin by flexing and bending the flex arm into position next to the flower stem. The last step is to attach the small clamp to the flower.

A McClamp flex arm is captured in a droplet of water.

McClamp Bubble

A reflector is good to bring along to add some warmth and mood to your macro-photography. Here the McClamp allows some freedom in positioning the reflector while you concentrate on composition.

In the studio I am finding countless ways to put the McClamps to use. Here I have two McClamps holding a 36” reflector. The beauty of the McClamp is the abiltiy to change the angle of the reflector easily.

Still Life arrangements of flowers are easily adjusted.
Proping small objects is easier and allows more flexibility
Holding gels in front of a flash head.
Pull background curtains to create folds and shadows
Hold objects for light blocks in front of flash heads.
Hold cards to control light near your subject

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