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McClamp Series:


There are 4 styles available.

#3301:  (Standard)

1” Mount Clamp w/ Micro Clamp

2” Mount Clamp w/ Micro Clamp

2” Mount Clamp w/ 1” Clamp

#3304:  (Stick version)
Stick w/ Micro Clamp




YouTube McClamp Video, 1:30sec.


General Features of our McClamp Products

-The Micro Clamp has a hard plastic outside jaw for holding firm subjects and soft neoprene interior jaws to hold delicate subjects.

-26” flexible articulate arm moves to any position and remains stiff

-The 1” and 2” clamps have adjustable spring tension from 0-50 lbs. This allows the photographer to change the tension to fit their gripping power. The  works for all age groups.

-The Stick #3304 has a stiff fiberglass rod that will not bend or break when pressing into the ground.

-All of our products have an internal copper wire to add stiffness to the flexible arm.

-McClamps store flat and include a nylon carrying bag to protect camera and lenses in your camera bag.


Why The Stick?
Most macro photographers work in soil areas and refine their compositions by nudging the tripod slightly. The STICK version of the McClamp is anchored into the soil allowing the photographer to move the tripod without disturbing the subject. This method is preferable to clamping the McClamp to the tripod. The photographer can move around the subject to fine tune the angle of light, the background, and the overall composition.




Item#3301 (Most Popular)


When it comes to macro photography all photographers agree that a good tripod is essential. However, even with a tripod, all it takes is a slight breeze to give you what looks like a “hand-held” photograph. Adding the McClamp to your camera bag will help you get that perfectly sharp image that you are striving for.


Items and Descriptions:


Item #3301
Standard McClamp
Micro clamp and 1” mount clamp.


Best for attachment to most tripods, general macro photography, holds flowers, delicate items, studio props, positioning small reflectors, flags, gels, fabrics etc.


Item #3303
1” clamp (does not have neoprene) and 2” Mount Clamp.

Good for holding larger objects like flashlights, reflectors, flags, poster board, studio props.


Item #3302
Micro Clamp and 2” Mount Clamp.

Similar to #3301 except this McClamp attaches to thick tables and large diameter tubes (see below for jaw opening).


Item #3304
Micro clamp and Fiberglass Stick to anchor in soil.

For outdoor use when soil is present for anchoring the stick.


For objects over 1 pound, 2 McClamps work very well when used together. Here two #3303’s hold a 38” Lastolite Reflector, the McClamps allow for positioning and tilting of the reflector. Also, see below for custom designs.


Overstressing your flex arm can cause a segment to detach. You can reattach them by pressing the segments together by hand (place hands between knees and use legs to assist the reattachment) or you can buy the Segment Pliers.

Segment Pliers - $11.00 includes shipping USA.
Available direct purchase only,
contact us for payment method. Credit Card, Check, or Paypal available.


Jaw Sizes


Micro Clamp opens to 1.25�”
Has neoprene inner jaws to grip and protect delicate objects.


1” Clamp opens to 1 3/8”.
Has adjustable spring tension from 1-50lbs. Attaches to most tripods.


2” Clamp opens to 2”.
1 3/8” Minimum tube size in open area behind pads.
Has adjustable spring tension from 1-50lbs.


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Custom McClamp Designs


If you need a McClamp that has a particular length or needs to hold an item that is heavy, then contact us for your custom needs.

This custom made McClamp holds 2 lbs. and has a 2” Clamp on each end. The flex arm is 12” long. Here it is holding a 4 D-Cell Maglite weighing about 2.25 lbs. We plan to offer this item in our line of McClamp products.

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McClamps appear on CSI TV Show!


See our Forensic Photography page


WARRANTY - Every McClamp includes a full warranty. We are fully aware that some users may overly stress plastic connections and parts. Try not to force joints past their strength but if you do we will repair or replace the broken parts. Please contact (we will probably ask you to send a photo of the damaged McClamp).


Note: A soapy solution is applied to the segments during assembly.  Washing the segments in warm water will help to stiffen the articulated arm, as will continuous use.


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