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HAT Testimonials

We love to ask photographers their opinions on our products. We’ve included on this site a few thoughts regarding the Shutter Hat as well as their contributions to the beautiful art of photography. Visit their links and enjoy!

Bob Krist

"The Shutter Hat is just perfect for travel photographers: small enough to carry in your bag at all times, but robust enough to provide great protection, even in heavy rain. The design is ingenious and fits both types of camera bodies I use. Finally I'm free from using flimsy plastic bags, or heavy camera raincoats that weigh more than the gear they're designed to protect." Bob Krist, Travel Photographer and Writer, Contributing editor at both National Geographic Traveler and Outdoor Photographer. Recent Book:  “Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer”

His how-to book Spirit of Place: The Art of The Traveling Photographer was hailed by American Photographer magazine as "the best book about travel photography we've ever read." See Bob’s website to order an autographed copy.

Art Wolfe

“In over 30 years of professional travel and photography, shooting in adverse weather has yielded some of the most memorable and dramatic imagery. In the past, I've used clumsy plastic bags, spare rain jackets, and even my body to shield my camera from the elements. The Shutter Hat provides excellent protection, even in a downpour, and allows me to better concentrate on making stunning images. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, the Shutter Hat has is a great tool for all photographers shooting in the outdoors.” Art Wolfe, Nature Photographer,

Vanishing Act has been selected as one of Discover Magazine's "Top Science Books of the Year 2005"

Weldon Lee

“All I can say is WOW! The ShutterHat is definitely a winner. It's compact, well made, and a quality product. Plus, the price is right. As a long-time Nikon shooter and wildlife photographer, my lens of choice is their 80-400mm VR lens. The ShutterHat is the perfect addition and protects not only the lens, but keeps my digital body dry during an Alaskan downpour or winter snowfall in Yellowstone.” Weldon Lee, Wildlife Photographer, Writer, and Photo Tour Operator, Editor for Nature Photographer Magazine by Weldon Lee, copyright, 2006

Darwin Wiggett

"I have been working on a new book about the Canadian Maritime Provinces this year (2006) and it has been much wetter than average with lots of rain, mist and fog. There was spray from the wind hitting the camera, this is a shot I got in a brief lull. My Shutter Hat has become indispensible to get the shots I need in spite of the weather" Darwin Wiggett, Nature Photographer, Workshop Instructor.
image by Darwin Wiggett, copyright, 2006

Nancy Rotenberg

“Rain and overcast conditions saturate colors and bring drops of magic to subjects. The Shutter Hat is a wonderful tool for macrophotographers - enabling you to be out in the beauty, while keeping your camera and lens dry - not missing any of rain’s wonderful opportunity.” Nancy Rotenberg, Photographer, Workshop Instructor, and Writer. Recent Book: Photography and the Creative Life

Photography and The Creative Life is for everybody, but especially for photographers and anybody else exploring the partner crafts of seeing and visual design as aides to and expressions of the creative life.

Nancy passed away from cancer on August 27, 2011, she was a valued friend and photographer and she is missed terribly by the entire photography community. There is a facebook page for pics and comments about Nancy::

Brenda Tharp

“Finally! A camera protection that fits my traveling lifestyle. It’s light, compact, AND functional. I love to work when the weather’s moody - and the Shutter Hat is great for mist, rain, and foggy conditions. It enables you to concentrate on your creativity rather than on struggling to keep everything dry. It’s also perfect for my desert outings when trying to protect from blowing sand. My students are going to love this product!” Brenda Tharp, Photographer and Workshop Instructor,

Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography is chock-full of ideas and exercises to develop your creative eye. " indispensable guide that demonstrates how to use classic visual design principles to create strong, compelling photographs." Studio Photography & Design Magazine

Dewitt Jones

“Can’t wait for more rain. I tested your hat today and it’s great. Very well designed. It will be a permanent part of my camera kit.” Dewitt Jones, Photographer, Lecturer and Columnist for Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

image by Dewitt Jones, copyright, 2006

Tony Sweet

"Another indispensable tool for the professional photographer from the fertile mind of Ferrell at FM Photography. Quite simply, the ShutterHat fits in your side pocket and you don't even know it's there until you're out in a sudden drizzle or rain and you need it. Aside from rain and heavy mist/fog, I find it a great tool for protecting your camera and lens from blowing sand on a windy beach." Tony Sweet, Photographer, Writer, and Workshop Instructor,

Charles Glatzer

“Quite simply the Shutter Hat provides peace of mind! I no longer have to worry about my camera turning into electronic soup or being sand blasted when shooting in inclement weather; I can now fully concentrate on the task at hand. The Shutter Hat is highly compact, lightweight, very easy to put on, and stays securely in place. Most of all it does its job remarkably well protecting the camera while allowing complete access to CF cards, LCD etc. You will not catch me in the field without one, or should I say two, one for each camera.” Charles Glatzer, Shoot the Light¬® Instructional Photographic Workshops,

Joe Englander

“I used the hat several times during my assignments and workshops in Europe these past two months. It doesn’t take up much room in my camera bag. Most of the other rain protection systems are bulky and are aimed at people who intend to stay outdoors in the rain for a pretty long time. Having a small lightweight and effective emergency system is just what I needed.” Travel Photographer, Workshop Instructor,
image by Joe Englander, copyright, 2006

James Kay

“I just returned from the Northwest and yes, I did get a chance to use the HAT. It worked great. It didn’t rain much on my trip but it came in handy in situations when I had to deal with spray from the falls which was a major issue. It’s great how it folds up into such a small package which doesn’t take up much room in my already overstuffed pack. Thanks again.” James Kay, Fine Art Landscape & Adventure Photography,

image by James Kay, copyright, 2006

Image by Alain Briot, copyright, 2006

Alain Briot

“The multitude of beautiful sandstone formations is what makes the US Southwest so photogenic. From hoodoos to monuments and canyons, beauty is all around us. But sandstone erodes and the grains of sand eventually make their way into our photographic equipment. This is particularly the case in narrow canyons where sand falling from the top of the canyons literally ‘rains’ upon the photographers below”.

“For years I have looked for a solution to protect my delicate and expensive camera equipment. Nothing was quite satifactory until I found the ShutterHat. I immediately placed an order. I recommend the ShutterHat as the ideal camera protection against the rigors of nature” Alain Briot, Workshop Instuctor,

Joanne Chilton

I used the Shutter Hat to photograph the wedding ceremony, "Blossoming of the Sun". It was raining that day and this provided my baby with protection from the rain. It worked out wonderfully. Joanne Chilton, Photographer, Workshop Instructor,

Image from a poetry-photography book collaboration with writer Jeanne Ripley - soon to be released.¬  All Images by Joanne Chilton.

Charles Campbell

“The Shutter Hat is just what I need for inclement weather here in the magnificent northwest. My DSLR stays dry and I have complete access to all the camera controls and functions. The simple, functional design is a pleasure to use. The Shutter Hat is so compact and lightweight that it is in my camera bag on every photo outing. I frequently use the built-in pocket with lens cloth to keep fog off the lens and viewfinder. Thanks for making a product I can really use” Charles Campbell, Fine Art Landscape Photographer and Workshop Instuctor,

Image by Charles Campbell, copyright, 2006

David Huffines

“Wow! What a great product. I gave the Shutter Hat a work out in one of my workshops. The students thought it was a neat invention. We were shooting in the rain and my camera and lens stayed dry. I also used the side pockets to hold my flash cards.” David Huffines, Nature/Wildlife photographer, Workshop Instructor,

Image by David Huffines, Copyright, 2006

John Barclay

“Some of my favorite times to be out making images is when the weather is better suited for a duck! The misty rain is a nature phototgraphers dream for its lush soft light. The issue has always been protecting valuable cameras and lenses. With the Shutter Hat, problem solved! The Shutter Hat is a simple yet effective solution. It is lightweight, compact and useful with its added pockets on the inside flap for memory card, lens cap etc. Now I can focus on making images and not worry about keeping my camera dry.” John Barclay, Workshop Instructor,

Image by John Barclay, Copyright, 2006

Charles Needle

“Finally, a quality product that will keep my camera dry while allowing easy access to all the camera controls. Unlike several other waterproof camera covers I’ve tried, the ShutterHat is compact, lightweight and user-friendly.... allowing me to make deeply-saturated macro images that would be otherwise impossible to capture under overcast lighting conditions with magical mist and drizzle. I recommend this accessory to all my students who agree it’s one of the most useful items to carry in their backpack or camera bag. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!” Charles Needle, Workshop Instructor,                       

Image by Charles Needle, Copyright 2006

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